Sunday, March 8, 2009

MTC Sacrament Meeting: Being Virtuous

Elaine S. Dalton (Young Women's President)

MTC Provo

8 March 2009

This is the temple. MTC fells like the temple because of the Spirit.

Leave to God to order and provide.

May feel like we are on a hill. Hills test us, our strength, etc.

We see daughters of God, who stand as witnesses. Shine through the world.

Testimony will be your engine through your faith.

Lord added virtue to YW theme for our day.

Virtue is purity, chastity (core) comes from arete, moral purity. Very virtue of life will change the world.

We feel good about ourselves when we are doing what Heavenly Father asked us to do.

All the city did know Ruth is a virtuous woman.

People will know if you are virtuous. To be called virtuous is the supreme compliment.

Can one virtuous woman led by the Spirit change the world? Yes, she can and will.

Esther understood her identity and risked her power to save her people. She knew how to draw on heaven's power to get through trails.

Love the hills, they make you taller and the view is wonderful.

When fast and pray can pull on powers of heaven.

Purity gave her power.

When you go to King of Kings, he will accept you, hear and answer prayers.

She will pray for us missionaries every day.

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