Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sibling Letter: Interviews in the Church and On Missions

Dear Sister Bruno,

This week has been seriously ridiculous like no one's business. I have had a million things to do because we are right at the end of the second midterms the ones that come right before finals. It is strange that you can't start to really just get into a pattern and than boom things change that was how I always felt about my mission once you get into a comfort zone you leave the MTC or get transferred to a new area haha. So once again it is time to move and I think that I will live like a few blocks away from where I am living now so I will still be close to campus.

So in life, well Desi got a job which you probably know. Annika is still looking for one to go with her one hour of being a TA a week ha ha nothing new there. She is deciding where to nanny this summer, but wants to go o California so I hope she finds something. Genevieve and Stewart are pretty much the same really happy and honeymoonie (barf?) haha they are still trying to get pregnant but no luck so far ha ha. I am still boring and not dating anyone but working on it lol. I am starting to actually get serious about doing a study abroad my dream is to go to Jerusalem so I am starting to actually put in my applications and such so we will see.

I am studying the New Testament so that is always exciting and we have a test this week on Acts and Corinthians. I never realized how applicable they are to missionary work, but since Paul was a missionary who went to all of the Gentiles I guess that makes sense. I restarted the Book of Mormon also and I was reading Joseph Smith's account of when Moroni appeared to him. I liked how when he met each year before he got the plates with Moroni he called it an interview. In the church we have a lot of interviews and since the structure is divinely inspired I was wondering what it is about interviews that God thinks is so important. I was thinking about my mission, and how much I looked forward to our president's interviews because they gave us an opportunity to reevaluate where we were and to remind us of our role and to rededicate ourselves but also to get instruction from someone who really did have stewardship over us. I love that God gives us that opportunity. . . . and has since they very beginning since Joseph went to get the plates. Ne ways keep you eye single ha ha.

Ti Voglio Bene

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