Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sibling Letter: Enjoy the Cheesecake

Dear Sister Bruno,

By now you will probably think it is strange to have a first name. I know that actually you stopped wanting to tell people what my first name was because it just did not seem to be appropriate haha. So I do not think that you will get this before Monday but I thought that I would try because I know you cannot get mail on Sunday. . .

So I am teaching the Relief Society lesson tomorrow and it is about the field is white already to harvest so I am preparing a missionary lesson and really excited about it honest. I cannot write you about it yet because I have not finished preparing so I do not know exactly what it will say but I will write you an email on Monday about how it went, prolly during the Acccounting review which I will not be paying attention to...wohoo for laptops.

Um for now that is all, sorry that this letter is lame but it is a letter and that is better than I usually do. I love you, by now you are prolly sick of the food but eat a no bake cheesecake for me and enjoy it, because soon enough you will be back home eating off of Ramon because you are broke hahah. I love you..enjoy every second!

Ti Voglio Bene

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