Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MTC Instruction: Baptizing and Confirming

MTC Provo

10 March 2009

PMG was created to baptize more people.

Missionary work to spread the gospel.

D&C 88:73

In last 10 years missionaries baptizing one-half as back then.

With concerted effort and sincere prayer we could double our numbers (wants 600,000 a year)

Ch. 1 PMG got the most attention of any other.

Missionaries lose sight of their purpose.

The purpose as missionary has changed from simple conversion (that's it) to service, retention, activation.

Missionaries got carried away with service and retention and started baptizing less.

Never meant to be more important than baptizing.

Wanted to make Ch. 1 more cheap.

Overcome fall through Atonement.

Purpose of missionary work is to baptize others.

Baptism is outward manifestation of conversion.

D&C 4:4 harvesting is baptizing

Matthew 28:19

Primary role is to baptize. Desire convert baptisms.

Our central commission (purpose) is to teach and baptize all nations. Must not dedicate strength and energy on other things no matter how worthy (service, less actives etc.) We do these things to teach.

Believe You Can Baptize

No mission is easy.

Baptizing should be your primary goal.

Don't let anyone tell you you can't baptize.

Alma 26:22

The capacity you have to baptize is directly proportionate to preparation, obedience, and capacity as a teacher.

Hear about great missionaries in past, but think of ourselves as average. Don't stop believing in spite of where you are going.

President Monson closed area not baptizing until all old missionaries were gone. Then told them how that area was new and Brigham Young had baptized 40 in one month, all of sudden everyone wanted to go to that area, it became highest baptizing area in mission.

If not sure you can baptize, we all can repent.

Small and simple means. Little things make big difference.

Alma 37:6-7

# new investigators, members present, # attend church, # with baptismal date

If you want to double baptisms have to double everything.
  • Find more people.
  • Get more to church.
  • Invite people to be baptized from beginning.
  • Focus on whom Lord prepares.
  • Teach through Spirit.
  • Help people progress.
D&C 123:12

D&C 6:3

Alma 37:17

D&C 82:10

D&C 1:38

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