Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Missionary Friend Letter: Happenings from the Field

11 March 2009

Dear Sister Bruno,

If this catches you, it will be mere moments before you leave the MTC. Please excuse how long it took this letter to reach you. It was against the rules to write while within walking distance of you.

Hello from Modesto, California! This place is like a dry version of Spring, Texas. Seriously. It's spooky. Any day I'm half expecting to run into Elder Courtright's family.

Oh,oh! Do you remember when Elder Garn (of the 2nd Seventy) told a story about a Tongan Elder tracting into his sister in California? That Tongan Elder is my trainer! Wildness!

I've been thinking about you a lot. Everyone in California use the word "sick" to describe everything. So, two or three times a day, I'm reminded of you.

With that, I'll sign off. I'm working on a cardboard statue of myself, and it needs some attention.

Elder Christian Burstall

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