Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MTC Devotional: Power of the Resurrection

Elder James J. Hamula and Joyce Hamula

MTC Provo

10 March 2009

Joyce Hamula

1 Nephi 3:7

Mission president is there for you.

You are called to teach wonderful people about Jesus.

Be best you can be.

The Lord will be with you every step.

James J. Hamula

Appreciate the fact that you have been set apart from the world.

Apostles were ultimately rejected. Restoration came through Joseph Smith. Once you understand why sent and what to accomplish you can go forth.

Once know doctrines you can teach.
  1. Doctrine of Creation (Who God is and who we are)
  2. Fall of Adam
  3. Atonement
God is all powerful.

Jesus can improve man's view of God.

We are offspring of Almighty God.

Adam and Eve subjected us to death.

Death of body is separation of body from Spirit.

Jacob-if flesh rise no more, subject to Devil. We are separated from God. Lucifer is ever present. Man is lost and fallen.

Christ's resurrection loosened the band of death.
  • Resurrection is free and unconditional to all.
  • Can restore man to God.
  • Will be privileged to stay with God.
Power of resurrection amazing, but not free.

Manifest repentance by baptism and gift of the Holy Ghost.

True salvation comes only through faith in Christ.

D&C 76:40

3 Nephi 27:19-21

Nobody can dwell with God without Jesus Christ.

D&C 33:7-10

Turn away from old life receive baptism.

Inspire faith and repentance. Motivate them to desire baptism and understand the Holy Ghost.

D&C 80 go into world...even Jesus Christ amen.

Your message is vitally important. Find every possible way to bring others to Christ.

D&C 101:3 expedient for salvation of souls speak thoughts I put in your hearts. In doing that conversion occurs.

John 7:17 If we interested in conversion, invite investigators to live

Numbers 11:4-6 May have manna so often we lose sight of significance and want to go home.

Numbers 11:24 gather, bring tabernacle. Gathered 70 men, prophesied testifying of Jesus.

Purpose of the 70 declare witness.

Declare your witness of Christ.

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