Monday, March 9, 2009

MTC Instruction: Improving Our District

MTC Provo

9 March 2009

SYL language of faith

Young can help old.

Luke 4:18

Good personal study makes difference.

Less selfish, more humble, wish expected less, be grateful for everything.

"When it happens to me it happens to all."

D&C 123:17 change now

Gift of tongues

Love your companion, be humble.

Companion inspired of God, if the whole is against you, if you are unified can do anything.

Atonement. Places Christ suffered are what go through to salvation.

Alma 26:27

D&C 121

Accept feedback. SYL.

Always give credit to God for success.

Rely on Lord for everything.

D&C 35:13 can't do anything without Spirit.

Jeremiah 51:20

D&C 84:80

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