Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sibling Letter: Get Companions For A Reason

Dear Sister Bruno,

This week has been terrible. I have been sooo sick with the flu. Other than that I have been getting into midterms so that is always awful. I am glad that you are friends with your district. I seriously believe that you get your district and your MTC companions for a reason. I am sorry about the drama haha you can tell me if you want, but do not have to... I am sure that it will get better though because you are trying to be Christlike and that is enough.

This week I decided to graduate in December so that will make exactly 8 semesters of school and I will be done before I am 23 so that will be good. I am nervous because that means that I will be single still but perhaps God wants me to go somewhere else to find my EC. I know...yuck. So I have to take the LSAT and GMAT and apply to grad school. I will let you know where I get in. We will see.

This week in my New Testament class I found my new favorite story in the New Testament. You should look it up. I feel like I am like Rhoda. So in Acts 12 a grumpy angel frees Peter from prison, so Peter goes and knocks on the door of Mary's house, and Rhoda goes to the door and hears that it is instead of opening the door she runs to tell everyone that Peter is at the door and leaves him standing there hahahaha I am not sure what spiritually uplifting message we learn from this but I loved it. I love that every time I read the scripture I pick up new things that didn't seem as funny the last time.

I love you. Keep on keeping on. You are amazing.

Ti Voglio Bene

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