Friday, March 13, 2009

Parent Letter: RE: Goodbye Alice, In Wonderland‏

Mon 2/16/09 10:24 AM

Nihao, Fu jiemei,

I LOVE your emails!! I'm glad you got our box, and I'm glad you got some hot cheetos. That was the one thing I felt bad we couldn't find.

I am excited that you got to teach a real investigator. There is nothing like the spirit you feel when you can teach the gospel and when a sincere seeker of the truth feels the spirit. I think it is really valuable that they do that in the MTC now. Back when I was there they didn't have that program where you teach actual people. It was always just your teacher or people in your district.

Once again not much is new in our lives. The kids had off of school on Friday and again today for President's Day. If one more person tells me they are bored I will cut my head off!! Last night Nikki slept over at the Waters' and Kelsey slept over here, and Michael slept over at Travis'. The new family in the ward, (do you remember the Butlers? Holly is Franny's age) had a party last night and invited everyone except us. Desi and Franny found out when they were texting some of their friends, who were over there. Michael went, too, because he was already over at the Wright's. So Desi and Franny were crying and wailing and so sad that we were such losers we did not get invited. I felt bad for them. I even cared for about one second, and then I was like, oh well. Dad didn't care at all. lol.

I want to go back on my diet because I am gaining weight again.

It was warm and in the 70's for a few days last week, but now it is cold again. Desi and Franny want to go to the beach. Maybe it will be warm enough in a few weeks.
We all love you and are very proud of you

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