Friday, March 6, 2009

Missionary Friend Letter: Mission Will Not Be Perfect

March 6, 2009

Sister Bruno,

I've gotten your letters and now I'm the bum for not writing back. Lately I haven't been inclined to write much, but I'll do my best. I can't wait to be able to communicate through means other than pen and paper.

Not a ton has changed since I last left you. My jaw is fine now; I had a minor infection that went away quickly after I found out the diagnosis. I almost broke my big toe on the 24 of February. A church divider came and bit it with my help. Needless to say it was all black. I went in for an x-ray and nothing was wrong. I hobbled all that week. I was sick too! I puked all day at a cool member's house. I've decided that the mission wants me to leave otherwise I could be more fatally dealt with. But, I'm happy.

I'm sorry to hear about our rough times in the MTC. All I can say is hold out till your in the field. I had a rough time in the MTC, but I knew it would be just a matter of time before I was out in the field. Things just get better as you near your 2 year mark (18 months for you). Remember that. And loosen up! Don't be so tight and demand perfection out of everything. Your mission will not be perfect. The more finite points of your mission is learning improvisation and just going with what comes our way. You cannot change your mission (its taken me 21 months to figure that out) you can only change you. The Lord doesn't send you out a perfect missionary to baptize thousands. He gives you what you need to change you (I swear He's that way). He breaks you down and builds you up. But enough about that. You'll see what I mean later on. Just keep going and have faith.

I gave my going away testimony at Zone Conference. It hit me that I was going home "fa realiz. It was hard. I didn't shed a tear, but my lip quivered the whole time. My mission has changed me. I'm ready to go home a new man.

Dusty and Giselle are talking again. I don't know if they were the entire time. She was IM'ing him (at or the other way around) last Friday. That probably sounds scandalous, but I don't care. I've talked Dusty up every time I see her. Dusty needs a girl like her to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Now my thoughts are more trunky. I'm enrolling in North Harris (Maybe Cy-Fair, probably that one). But, I have to take the THEA test first. EXCITING! The problem is I have no job, but I can't fix that problem out here.

I have to say I'm not too excited to go to the singles ward. It starts at 2:30! 2:30! Honestly! I'm probably going to go, but I'm just groaning about it. I've served a mission for 2 year; I can make it to the singles ward.

I am really trunky, but there's nothing I can do about it. I can't wait to see my family. School, work, and dating are all things I can't get out of my head. It'll be a hard 30 days, but I'll make it.

I hope you're well. Keep going. Pray. He listens. Write soon and send pictures. I'll see ou around!


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