Sunday, March 1, 2009

MTC Mission Conference: Practical Suggestions

MTC Provo

1 March 2009

Sister Anderson: Live worthily to perceive Holy Ghost. One of the greatest things of missionary work to do is work.

Vaughn Anderson (MTC District President): Testimony is precious to the souls of men.
To strengthen testimony:
  • desire
  • study and learn
  • practice principles you learn
You don't know everything but you know enough. You must have Spirit to bear powerful testimony based on the conviction of love.

Keep in mind:
  • Personalize your testimony.
  • Express gratitude; explain why life is richer because of gospel.
  • Be specific as possible.
  • Testify of the Savior.Bearing testimony of Savior will evoke all three members of the Godhead.
  • In mouth of two or three witnesses. Want members to testify with you. Involve members.
  • Be bold. i.e. Only one true church.
  • Slow down. Whispher to their soul's gives Spirit time to touch their souls.
Susan Breinholt: May feel hurt by family discord. I guess that man must love you. I'd give anything for my dad to look at my mom that way.

In today's world, worldly things disrupt families. Commitments easily broken. Do all you can to love and forgive and express gratitude for family members. Marriage is family hope for eternal life. Temple covenants are necessary. D&C 132:19-20

People will be confused about false doctrines about familes.

Study and then teach Proclamation of the Family.
  • bless those you teach and you as well.
Will you help the people you teach understand the power their family can gain from the gospel?

Mark F. Breinholt: "Oh My Soul Hungered." Don't realize we are being prompted unless we are listenting. PMG p. 121. If you think you have it, you don't. If you overthink you have it, you won't. Give Lord willingness to submit to His will. Mosiah 3:18-19. Watch and listen because you may need to know something you learn now in 20 years. 2 Kings 5. You can do hard things.

Elizabeth Smith: Language of heart is language you learn as you grow up. Speaking language name correct. Lose your native accent if possible. Study language your entire language. Learn English it is the language of the Restoration.

Don't be picky about food, could be all they have.
  • people serving you love the Lord. It's their offering to Lord and you are Lord's servant.
Don't concern yourself in the politics of your or their culture.

Cultivate tolerance (Gordon B. Hinckley).

No holier than thou attitude (Gordon B. Hinckley).

The Spirit flees when insensitive to other children.

Avoid topics that drive away the Spirit.

If you appear to be "interesting" missionary, invite your companion into the conversation.

Don't allow petty things to impede the work. D&C 24:12; 68:6.

Be a good shepherd and bring the lambs safely home.

Ralph W. Smith (MTC President): Language we use don't use inappropriately.
  • Foul language is a habit and difficult to break. Can be broken immediately with right attitude.
What we think is key to self-mastery Alma 38:12 Being in control of language brings happiness.

Men of intemperate minds cannot be free. What are the passions that rule you.

What do we think about ourselves.

What does it mean to be a representative of Jesus Christ?

Older wiser people may know things we do not.

Proper teaching establishes a sense of self.

Peaces comes from preaching certain level of spiritual maturity. Choices we make are born in thoughts. Our thoughts shape us. Not responsible for thoughts put in our head but responsible for how long they stay there.

Have you decided to follow the rules and happily comply even if the rules don't make sense to you.

If your thoughts right and worthy, will be apparent in your actions. PMG p. 52

Take control of thoughts. Never greater time than now to preach.

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