Sunday, March 1, 2009

Friend Letter: BYU School Stuff

Sister Bruno!

Sorry I've been such a bum and not written in a while. Things have just been nuts around here! Last week I had three tests and the week before that my family was here. Something has been way funny with my grades lately, it seems like no matter what I do I get B's on all my tests and papers and things. I'm not such a fan, but I got an A on a BOM test I took last week and I'm hoping I did fairly well on a Latin test I took on Friday, so hopefully my long streak of B's is coming to a close. Keep your fingers crossed.

I'm glad that you got that package Matt and I sent you, I hope you enjoyed it. We both knew you were probably missing the Hot Cheetos. . . .

Sorry that was a really long rambling thing, and you probably don't want to be bothered with it because I know you're trying to focus on doing the Lord's work, but it seems easier to talk to you about it than anyone else because you know Matt and I both so well. So, how are things in the mission? Nena was over today and was telling me that she felt like a jerk because she hadn't realized you'd left already and she didn't get to say goodbye. Just so you know she really does care, and her heart's in the right place. Has all the drama in your district or zone settled down a bit? It seems like you get along alright with the Elders and stuff in your mission. Are you feeling more confident in speaking Chinese? Did you ever run into that kid who announced in my BOM class last semester that he was going to your mission and entering the same exact day? So do you know when your official departure date from the MTC is?

Well, I should probably scoot because I have school tomorrow, but that's all that's going on in these parts. I promised that I'll try and write you more okay? Good luck! I miss you!


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