Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Missionary Email: Telling Someone Not of Our Faith about God

Monday, March 2, 2009 7:01 PM

I have 5 minutes left so I'm going to write a second email today since there was none really to read except gigi's. You guys can write me on dear elder if you want. I want Gen and stuart and mom and whoever can to write me what they would use to tell someone not of Christian faith about God, because that's our biggest hang ups in our TA appointments. The atonement and to believe in god for the Chinese people. I guess because that's what's going to be what I face. So i wanted to see different peoples approach on the matter. So send me those on dear elder so I can study them. I can only read emails for seconds but if you send a Dear Elder I have it in my hand.

I thought of a funny story. My teacher in a neat freak. He is 100 percent follow the rules. I had a hard time with him at first but now I love him to death. His name is brother H. You can bleep that out online. So anyways he thinks we need to shine our shoes every day...even the sisters. I've never done it before or sister Ackerson, so we asked if he'd show us, since he used one shined shoe and an unshined shoe for an example lesson. So anyways first he told us how he had this companion, who is also a teacher here and how he shined his shoes every day for him because he was having trouble loving him. And then he proceeded to shine sister ackerson and I's shoes for us. The next day we asked him if he shined our shoes because he was having trouble loving the jiemeimen (sisters). He said Keneng. Which means maybe or possibly. Haha.

Yeah and he must have trouble loving me because lately he's picked up calling me "LAMAN de meimei" which means laman's little sister. We have tight quarters in the class and an elder kept touching me. I was kind of whining about it so he yelled "LAMAN DE MEIMEI!!!" at me. And it was recieved well by me and the whole class, so he uses it all the time now..."LAMAN DE MEI MEI, you aren't speaking Chinese! or literally, bu keyi shuo yingwen. which means you can't speak english. So yeah. I've been called laman de meimei about a million times since. Especially by elder wu who leaves tomorrow. But i made a comic for our district and he gets the know-it-all elder title. Haha, I'll send you a copy.


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