Monday, March 2, 2009

Missionary Letter: Drama in the MTC

Monday, 2 March 2009

Dear Desi,

That's really funny about your seminary teacher. Why did they release that really preppy one? Do you know? My companion said that most people just sit in seminary & believe anything the teacher says. She was like "I get the impression your family isn't like that." And true that is.

Um this week was kind of boring. All the older cool missionaries left I miss them. And the ones we liked (the one that were actually normal people) all went to Kaohshueng (however you spell that) sad times. But there's bound to be some cool people in Taipei.

So do you want to hear some drama? Well it's not that dramatic but there's this girl here and she has some issues! She knows she's lactose intolerant, & yet some drama went down wither her 2 other companions. She's a control freak.... She flipped out that they don't let her control her & she just went crazy. She drank ridiculous amounts of milk & ate 2 bowls of ice cream.... She had to go to the hospital. Then this other sister who is gone now & her swore at each other. It was a lot of drama. I just wanted to go home at the time because everyone was being rude to my companion & me. It was just stupid...but anyway I told the teacher about the swearing & the solo sister and the sister made up over night. It was creepy. Then they ganged up on my companion and me. Sister M. drugged herself with diary. Then she had to go to the hospital, so her companions had to lover her & stuff.

Then all, that gets over & one night she's like "I think I have cancer. My adopted mom is a nurse. I could have triggered cancer from my stress." So like, she told everyone she probably had cancer & wold stay up all night then say she was sick during the day. But she got tests last week & it said she was fine so her companions are like, duh, we knew she was fine. Haha. Yeah, she's insane. It's hard to even explain. Like before the solo sister left they made Sun Jiemei & I the enemy because we were the only 2 sisters that got along.

But, yeah, they were like "You guys are bad people because you sit next to the same elders every meal.... even though they did too. I hated it. But now the solo sister is gone & she has no ally in her gossip. And my comp is the new coordinating sister. So no drama for least until the new 10 sisters get here! WOOOOO psyche. I don't care.

So what's going on w/ Kelsey? Write me about life of a teenage drama queen & gossip girls & ugly betty if you see it. I'm dying. I miss Chuck's face. You should send me a picture. I will include pictures, They are for everyone. Don't be selfish.

Love ya! Bye.

Sister Fu Jiemei

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