Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MTC Devotional: Becoming A Master Teacher

Elder Yoshihiko Kukuchi of the Seventy

Provo MTC

3 March 2009

We are temples of the Lord as missionaries. Body is temple of the spirit of God.

Garments must be purified before we serve.
  • Come with contrite spirit and Lord forgets our sins.
  • Can retain remission of our sins.
D&C 88:63. Only one way to become pure. Lord's promise: even if we tear off pieces, we can become whole again.

Discipline, master, train yourself

  • wake up at 6:30 am to stay awake.
  • get up on time or before
  • Book of Mormon fulness of gospel, need to read daily.
  • Read 30 minutes daily Book of Mormon
PMG doctrine to challenge to master 1st short lesson plan, then medium then long. 2 months.
  • If you master power reaching is greater.
Find yourself. Contact many people. Learn to present Joseph Smith 1st Vision. Help investigators know it.

Slow down. You will have more investigators if you learn this. Never play like a drummer.

Young boy, sick, asked God to save him. Missionaries came 11 days later. Boy said, I hate Americans, they killed my dad. Missionary said had message of a young boy like him, listened, joined Church 54 years ago.

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