Sunday, February 22, 2009

Missionary Friend Letter: Missionaries Use Pitchers to Fill Font

February 22, 2009


How's the MTC treating you? Hopefully you're doing well; I wouldn't know what's going on because you haven't written me. (Ooh..burn.)


We had a baptism yesterday. It will be the most or at least the most memorable one I've had. Travis had been investigating the church for 5 months. We finally struck a chord with him, and his baptism happened in a unique way. The font wasn't filled on time, in fact it didn't begin filling till 5 mins before the baptism. (Bad juju) Our dumb arrogant Branch (YSA) mission leader was more concerned with his girlie than his duty. 8 missionaries started filling up pitchers of water and dumping them in the font. (My idea) Then the YSA saw us and pitched in. 20 people filling a font was an awesome sight to see. We worked to get Travis baptized. It was a neat experience.

In other news my jaw hurts like no other. I've got some serious problems. I hope nothing bad is going on with me, but I'm really starting to worry. I'm going to make an appointment today. Say a prayer for me.

So write me back and remember to find me a cute one!

Elder S.

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