Sunday, February 22, 2009

Parent Letter: I Remembered!!‏

Sun 2/22/09 7:52 PM

Aren't you proud of me, I remembered to write you Sunday night, so you will actually have this when you check your mail the first time!! Hooray for me!

I got an email from Christian Burstall's mom where she forwarded a letter from him in the MTC. Thought you might like to read it--it is funny and sounds just like him!

Subject: An email from Christian

So, LDSmail is probably the worst email application in history. This email is only going to parents because the address book won't save anything.

The MTC is pretty great, all else withstanding! Each of the Elders in my district has been swooned by a Sister here. The mission rules say that one cannot flirt with a missionary in their mission. So, we can write them once we leave the MTC, but missionaries are not to have distractions har har. Even so, I threw caution into the wind and talked to the Sister I noticed, and learned she speaks only speaks Japanese. Awesome!

Showering is a team endevor here. Since two showers are connected to one pump, the hot and cold are shared perfectly. Any requisiton of cold from Elder A is granted through a surprise deposit of heat to Elder B. Wednesdays are great, because the new Elders, who don't understand how this works, arrive, and with their arrival the promise that you will freeze or fry in the morning.

I've gained six pounds. Oh my heck.

Speaking of which, Utah has a pretty interesting venacular. I've noticed myself becoming considerably less thuggin'.

I remembered to bring my camera cable to the lab today, only to realize that the computers are so locked down. So very locked down. If you'd like pictures, assuming I don't find a good terminal in Fresno, I may need another Olympus XD picture card, so I can send you one while I keep one in my camera. Or I could just mail you prints. Let's see if I can find a machine before we start spending dollars.

My mission president at the MTC (who is technically a bishop, but we are to call him president) thinks I'm just a lot of awesome.

We fly out of Salt Lake on Wednesday. My companion has been called to be the travel leader, so I'll be tippin' on ginger ale while he keeps 24 Elders from screaming "Fres-yes!" every few minutes.

Sister Burstall wrote me on Dear Elder and mentioned that she and my moms had been talking. By a weird coincidence, a substitute teacher we had yesterday asked me if I knew an Elder Burstall from Nova Scotia. I said I knew his mom. The teacher had taught him a few months ago. Small world!

Sorry for the disjoint of the email. Lots to say, very few minutes. Give my best to the kids, and I hope you two are doing well. Keep me posted!

Hahaha! Have you seen him yet? If you do, you can tell him the proper etiquette for Elders and Sisters! Sounds like he needs to be reminded!!

Franny was sad today, she was crying and feels like she doesn't have any friends. She (Kelsey) has a full time job at Subway but it doesn't keep her out of trouble, apparently.

The weather is getting nice, and I am going to have to start working on my yard. It is a big mess. It needs raked, and weeded, and I should plant flowers in that ugly little circle thing. Oh well. One more thing I will get to eventually.

The young men had an activity at our house this week. They painted the inside of our garage. They had a lot of fun. Can't believe Michael is a Teacher now. He is now as tall as Dad, as he grew 2 inches in the last few weeks. I was going to cut his hair tonight, but I forgot, and now it is too late.

Have a great week, Flora. Can't wait to get your email. They are always so spiritual.

Love you,

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