Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Missionary Email: What Is That?

Monday, February 23, 2009 6:25 PM

Why is it that when I do the whole family business thing first, nobody ever tells me the answers. I still don't have aunt Allison's address or Michael or Stuart's emails. I was going to add them to the list. I've decided against buying another battery charger, I'll wait to get to Taiwan, they have the two pronged outlets there the weird European ones, so I'll have to buy a converter for my straightener. Mom, can you check on my bank account and tell me how much I withdrew to come here so I can withdraw the rest? I didn't want to withdraw the 500 and I forgot how much I took out, so I need to know. Also let me know how much is in my bank account. My alarm clock already died so I'll buy a new one at the book store today. So I'll probably spend some money there buying an alarm clock and sending you guys some things. I decided to just get a CD. So I could delete my memory card, so those pictures last time were pointless to scan almost because now I'll send them on CD...haha...but don't get mad, I just barely figured out how to do that.

Hey by the way, I haven't gotten mail in 2 weeks. Just 2 emails. So write to me people! I know you guys are teenagers and stuff, you have to have drama to tell me about. :) I have tons of drama. And if you know people that love me, have them write too. But i won't lie, i boycotted letters last week and took a nap instead, so that might be part of the reason i didn't get anything...haha. I think i might do that more often. I'm sooo tired right now. I probably should have napped today. But all the older missionaries leave today and tomorrow, so no chance. AWWW so sad. In 1 hour we are meeting up with them to take some pictures. That will be the last time I see them in 2 years because they are all going to Kaohshung...and the Netherlands, and Paris. Pretty much I didn't make friends with the older Elders going to Taipei. I'll probably have a chance to get to know them there though, so no big.

Nothing really happened this week. Yeah dad, Elder Ballard came and spoke. They played a movie after, so I didn't get to shake his hand or anything. But I can send you a copy of my notes. I'll go to the copy center and send that with the CD I have and stuff. I probably won't have time to check my email again today, so you can just send me letters on Dear Elder if you want.

Mom I did see Elder Burstall and that's a funny story. I was sick and they sent me home...so the teachers were with me and he saw me and wanted to stop and talk, but my teachers were there, I wasn't going to stop and talk to an Elder...so we walked away...Well he RAN after me and a few seconds later there he is while we are like a couple feet from our building...he had tracked me back down. My companion was flustered and told him now was NOT a good time. Poor boy. He thought I was just being rude to him, but I just am careful about how people see me talking to Elders. That's something they have talked to us in our zone about is being careful about Elder/Sister relationships, so we are pretty good about it, at least in my opinion.

I still have 15 minutes left, which is rare and unusual, but I just don't have much to say. This is the first week I didn't feel too positive about our teaching appointment. But that might be a good thing because since we got some feedback now we have things to improve. Before we had mostly positive feedback so I didn't know what to change. Plan of Salvation, especially the Atonement, is kind of hard to teach simply...at least for me. I guess everyone has their struggles.

This coming Saturday is going to be our first Saturday that we teach all in Chinese, so who knows what situations will come up now that we have to teach in Chinese. I think it will be a lot different than English. This week was quite a struggle. I won't lie, sometimes I just want to give up. Especially when it feels like the girls in our room don't get along, but I think if I just have faith the Lord will help take care of things and everything will solve itself in due time. My teachers are really amazing and they are helping me out a lot. I really believe Song Laoshi and Han Laoshi are amazing at teaching to meet needs. They show me how important it is to do it, because it helps our class so much that they have changed so much because of how we change.

We get new missionaries a week from Wednesday. At least 2 sisters. I'm excited for new people to meet, and also the opportunity to not have the older people here for awhile, so we will all be at the same level. I think that SYL will change and we'll do it more. I can see such improvement in my companion's language. She's definitely at the same level as me, if not higher. She probably wouldn't believe me if I told her though. I'm going to try to focus this week though. Now that people are at and above my level, I need to work more diligently to use that to my advantage to become better by practicing with the missionaries around me. The gospel language is a lot different than every day language and it comes to me slower. But it also sticks pretty good when I focus. It's great. I'm excited to actually go to Taiwan. My teachers say nobody really comes home fluent, so I can't wait to at least immerse myself in it. It's such a crazy, but beautiful language.

Sorry this email is boring. But to be honest I'm a little boring today. I can't help it. I'm tired.

I guess a funny story I can think of that happened is that there is this Elder from Guatemala...he's just ridiculously funny. He struggles a little with English, so I can't imagine what it's like trying to learn Chinese through English...but anyways...one elder in district a made Sun Jiemei and I book covers for our three-column Chinese/English/pinyin /book of Mormon because they get so trashed fast...well Zhang Zhanglao wanted a cover and he didn't know how to make one...so he cut a tissue box open and tried to shove his book inside, even though the tissue box was like 3 times smaller than the book and you could tell. Maybe that's not funny to tell, but I was cracking up a lot. He wants my book cover a lot, but no dice. I love that thing. Elder Wilson is a nice guy to make them for so many people in our zone. I think he's made at least like 20. Too bad he's leaving today and Zhang zhanglao didn't ask him earlier. Maybe I'll take a picture to show you what it looks like. He made it out of cardboard...then he put pictures we gave him in, so I have cool ones of the temple and savior...then he taped it all up and our book fits in there....

Yeah...I can tell you wanted to hear that...hahahah. Okay 3 minutes left so no time left! latah!~...well and we have places to go :)

Write next week...and I'll send that CD soon.

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