Monday, February 23, 2009

Sibling Letter: Seminary Drama

Missionary Name: Sister Flora Bruno
Mission: Provo MTC
Date Submitted: February 23

Well I already wrote you once today, but i read your email and i see you want to hear about drama. haha well. We got a new seminary teacher who is particularly annoying... Well last week she was teaching the class about grace and she brought up the example of when christ is on the cross telling the thief about seeing him in paradise and she was all like we can assume that the thief was baptized and repented of his sins and is going to the highest kingdom and i was all like no we can't we can say he went to the spirit world but not the highest kingdom and she tried to make me look stupid like if you dont think its true then just think of it as a what if its true and i was like its not true i know its not. anyways then i just stopped talking to her and i looked up in the bible dictionary the word paradise and it says usually it refers to the highest kingdom except in a few cases in the new testament and the example they used was the thief on the cross, and it says that Jesus was talking about Spirit Prison haha yeah ever since then shes hated me, and this morning i said one thing about Franny being annoying and everyone freaked out so franny left the room (not because of me, because everyone was making a big deal out of it). Anyways the teacher tried to make me go after her and i refused and she told me you cant be doing this anymore and i told her id do whatever i wanted... Well i feel bad for this morning and i told her sorry but seriously i hate when adults try to tell me how and how i cant act. Well thats the drama of the week... Oh yeah and i was right Franny liked Tanner all along hahaha and i dont even punch her when she says his name.

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