Sunday, February 22, 2009

MTC Fireside: Missionaries Need to Learn to Listen

Stephan B. Allen (Managing Director MTC)

MTC Provo

22 February 2009

Everything is about the Savior.

Social conversion is more difficult than initial conversion.

Treasure doctrine by studying it.

Let go of memorized stuff. Tell people about the gospel.

Missionaries as a whole struggle with listening.

  • Body language was w_ and little attention to missionaries. Got to look at all the clues.
  • You look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders ask ? troubling.
  • Missionaries bring into the church but fail to link them into the Church.
When everything says you can't believe in the part of you that says you can." "It's not about who you aren't it's about who you are."

Sometimes the most important thing you can share is yourself.

  • Don't stress about if you are happy enough, or know enough.
Your testimony is unique to you. "Don't let the moments magic pass you by." If you love them let them know.

How children think and feel about themselves is by the labels you put on them.
  • Build not destroy.
  • Sharing is the icing on the cake.
If you don't think childish arguments hurt your companion, you're kidding yourself.

The message that has changed the world hasn't changed.

Family isn't about time.

Being different is being great. Allie Synder, no leg use, still swam and finished every race she entered. Whatever you do in life, just do your best.

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