Thursday, February 26, 2009

Missionary Letter: Rowdy Elders


My favorite Brother! I knew your birthday passed but this is the first day I can write. How was your birthday? Do you feel older? What did you do? Did you and Travis play? Monopoly? HaHa

How is it being a teacher? Is it the same or different than being a deacon? Are you being nicer to Jessa or still not talking to her?

Chinese is hard! The older Elders who have been here 8 weeks now speak a lot of gospel stuff! Hopefully I am as good as them at teaching lessons!

You will like the MTC... There are so many boys/Elders. They are very rowdy and have a lot of fun... but they can also be very spiritual & learn a lot! The boys I have class with every day are very funny. They treat us sisters well though, they open our doors, get our trays at lunch, & stand until we sit down when we come in to a room. Well write back about your birthday.

Much Love,

Fu jiemei

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