Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Parent Letter: Lack of Letters to Missionary

Missionary Name: Sister Flora Bruno
Mission: Provo MTC
Date Submitted: February 24

Dear Flora,

Michael's email is mikethemace@hotmail.com

I don't know what Stuart's is, Gen will have to tell you that one. Allison's address is 33 Thorndike St, Somerville, MA 02143

Michael has a stomach ache and he is groaning on my bed right now. He won't go to bed because he has a lot of homework, but he can't do any work because his stomach hurts. Poor thing. I'm sure he will be happy to be put on your email list.

I thought your story about Christian was funny. He reminds me of Dad sometimes, he just does what he wants with no sense of what is appropriate or socially acceptable!! That can be a good or a bad quality.

Sorry you haven't been getting any letters. We are not that busy around here, I guess we are just lazy. It is time to get outside and start working on the lawn. It is starting to get green and grow weeds. So I need to put some weed & feed down, and rake, and pick up trash, and do something with that ugly little circle out front. It is warm enough to start planting flowers. But (1) we don't have and extra money, and (2) I am lazy. Oh well, I will get to it.

Michael is getting very skinny from being on the track team. He has lost weight and grown a couple more inches. He has a flat chest now and no rolls around the middle. He looks good, except for his hair which he hasn't cut since you were here. It is waaaaaaaaaay too long.
I am reading the Host by Stephenie Meyer (she is the one who wrote the Twilight series). It is a good book so far. It's more of an adult book than her Twilight ones.
OK, have a nice day, and write back!!

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