Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MTC Instruction: Power and Authority

Han Laoshi

MTC Provo

18 February 2009

You are one in a couple million. You are unique.

Missionary badge is put over your heart.

Will receive guidance as you are worthy.

Ordinances of salvation: baptism, confirmation, endowment, etc.

Can't have necessary without power of the Godhead.

Are we talking about the world in our conversations instead of about God.

Are we contentious?

Are we listening to worldly music?

Impure thoughts.

Ingratitude, negatvity.


Unfocused. Unprepared, Unclean. Wasting time.

Jesus is on the back of our soul. He's clean but if we mess up our soul, people see dirt, not the Savior.

We speak for God every day of our lives!

You have Christ on your chest and in your hearts.

Power so great, you have no idea what you even have!

Are you willing to change?
  • Covenant with God.
  • Don't point fingers at each other, point at yourself.
  • If doing negative things on above list heed and stop.
You are in the moment. You are set apart from world.

Be an example of the believers.

  • Han Laosi passionate for a reason.
  • Without power, you can't be like you should be, when you understand the power and authority takes care of the smaller things.
We are in a hurry to find God's children. (M. Russell Ballard)

Every time you improve.

Train your mind.

Repent, you are fighting for your investigators.

Time is short! It's gone for him? Not for us.

Jacob worked for 7 years but seemed but a small moment because love for wife. Our mission but a small moment, seem like it if we love the people.

Get Jeremiah's fire and you can do anything.

Seen missionaries live and missionaries die. Sad when they die.

Path on being best ever been.

Remember your calling. 3 Nephi: 12-13. Memorize vs. 13.

Remember who you are, disciples of Christ.

Write down, power and authority what means to you. Find time.

D&C 29:7; John 15:16; D&C93:15; 52:9; 49:1-4; 88:77-78.

Try to remember Savior.

8 hours to sleep, 16 hours for the Lord.

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