Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MTC Notes: The Resurrection, Judgment & Immortality

Provo MTC

17 February 2009

Bodies reunited with spirits in resurrection. Brought into God's presence to be judged.

Mosiah 3:23-25. Will remember sins not good.

2 Nephi 9:14-15 if repent receive mercy.

D&C 137:9 awarded according to works and desires.

Alma 42:23 Resurrection makes all immortal.
  • Gift to all, righteous and wicked.
  • Eternal Life separate and only those who obey gospel.
  • Eternal life highest state we can achieve
  • Those who receive do through atonement
  • Et4rnal families.
  • Know God and Jesus Christ and experience their lives.
2 Nephi 9:14-15 Personal knowledge of guilt, be judged.

Jacob 6:8-9 if you reject Christ you will be showed at judgment.

Alma 42:12-13, 22-23 Atonement brings mercy

Alma 5:15-21 esp. 19-21 cannot be saved except garments whitened.

D&C 132:12 no man comes to Father except by Christ

John 5:22 Father judge none; son does.

3 Nephi 31:17-21 no other name.

D&C 14:7 Eternal Life greatest of all gifts.

D&C 45:8 receive God and miracles and eternal life.

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