Sunday, February 15, 2009

MTC Devotional and Fireside: Purity

Sister Christine ? and Paul B. Price (Branch 59 President)

Provo MTC

15 February 2009

Matthew 4:18-20 If the Savior stood beside me what would I do.

They straightway left their nets, did we straightway get ready to serve.

Leave behind distractions. Follow the Savior. Have we left everything behind? Do not look back!

Look to the Savior your entire mission. Not behind.

PMG pg. 122 Obedience may be required to do things you don't understand. Will become stronger missionary if obey. How much do we love the Lord? How much do we want to be obedient and follow his will.

Greater obedience=greater confidence.

Paul B. Price

D&C 101:55-56 Redeem my vineyard.

Develop characteristics of Chirst

PMG has so many strengths and aspects to give us direction. 2 Peter 1=divine attribute of Jesus Christ

Virtue has power of personal purity. You become weakened when you have purity in others, leaves you, goes to them. D&C 93:20.

As we focus in Christ fear will leave and faith will develop.

Disobedience takes away light and truth.

That which is of God is light.

Prepare ourselves to qualify ourselves. Are we ready to start?

Work and try to the best of our ability to improve every day. D&C 38.

Give up things you are carrying that aren't right.

Greatest self-esteem comes from repenting. D&C 66

Yield to the enticings of the spirit.

Try to look at people with the eyes of the Savior.

Lord will bless and magnify you if you have faith.

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