Monday, February 16, 2009

MTC Instruction: Adjust Your Teaching to Meet Needs

Every person is different so be sensitive to their circumstances.

Adapt to needs and questions.

Sometimes if you answer one's question is successful lesson.

Be sensitive to amount of new information.

Answer questions and ask questions.

D&C 50:10-16

23--Edification at the point your investigator gets lost...are they being edified? The second you lose the investigator you've lost the Spirit and the only way to get it back is vs. 22 when understand together.

26--Appointment to be the greatest.

D&C 42:12-17

Elders teach principles from books.



D&C 36:7;41:2;42:1-16;93;44;50;53:3;68:8-12;133:8.

43:15 Elders not sent to be taught, but to teach by the spirit.

If you are not teaching to needs, the spirit will be present in everyone's hearts that reside there.


1. I don't believe in afterlife. After death there is nothing. But I like the feelings I get from praying. This week some missionary taught me about the Atonement. In understand what happened but I'm not sure how his pain helps me?

2. My friend told me that families are happy in the gospel. He asked me to pray about it. Why should I pray to air? How do I know some divine being he speaks of will answer? How would praying help me strengthen my family?

3. Why doesn't my first baptism matter?

4. Why would God let this happen to me if he loved me?

2 Nephi 2; Alma 14:9-11; 60:13.

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