Monday, February 16, 2009

MTC Zone Conference: Older Missionaries Advice

Zone Conference

MTC Provo

16 February 2009

Moroni 7:33 Faith=power to do things in expedient in him

Use language of faith and don't doubt.

Elder Goodard: Proverbs 29:18 no vision perish.. keep the law

When you have a vision, will come true.

Be yourself. Even if it seems weird.

Elder Ryan Christensen: Listen to the Spirit. Don't memorize tall book sentences. Listen for what God wants you to share. Listen to the teachers they know what's up. Learn vocabulary from PMG.

Elder David Moes: "I have power to make the climate." You are a tool in the hands of
God. Remember that when tired. Focus on Spiritual Fire. Here's my heart. Hope can have some binding experiences in district.

Elder Porter: Wish had testimony of SYL sooner...helps you and others. Glad for relationships with everyone. Be TIGHT with companion. If you can love them, love everyone. Strengthen relationships.

Sister Tedjamulia: When committed to SYL, feel the Lord helping you. Joseph Smith is Prophet of God. Need to have testimony of what you are teaching investigators.

Elder Roessler: 2 Nephi 22:2 God is salvation. Trust and not be afraid. We can do this as long as we trust in the Lord. Have faith from beginning. Inspire your faith.

Elder Rich DeBrujn: You can do it..if you have faith all the time. But with faith we can with the Lord. SYL just have to do it even though doesn't work sometimes.

Elder Boshard: SYL...just do it. You are on your mission now. Your mission is to speak Chinese. People who speak English have crutch. Now is the time to prepare to get there! No crutch in Taiwan. Smile! Smiling makes you happy! People will see that.

Elder Wu: 3 Nephi 11; D&C 123:17 Cheerfully in all things. Sometimes feels bad for doing best. He wants us to work hardest, then trust in Him.

Elder Thorup: SYL and Heavenly Father will loosen your tongue in Chinese. The only thing keeping us is yourself. Build up relationships with companion, teachers, and district. Mosiah 3:19 Willing to submit to things Lord puts on you. Let go of pride. Don't let pride get in the way.

Elder Blackham: Alma 26:27 When about to turn back, Lord said go bear with patience. Go depressed...but when came across script, made him turn around. Can't do it by ourselves. But we aren't. It's not an if, it's a when. Man pushing rock, won't budge. Finally asks Father for help. Lord told him "Look how tough you've become. But then Father moved. It was through growth that he will for us if we do best. It's enough.

Elder Teshima: Elder Holland said "mission are Forever. You have to work with your companion. Tell companion you love him. Get them to commit or its pointless. Ask God to help you commit to Yourself! There is going to be hard times everyone has them. Pray for help on SYL. Chinese is hard for everyone.

Elder Lee: 2 Nephi 4 Someday someone says something means world to you. Personal study is important. Teach from scriptures or you'll say things aren't true.

Elder Weinberger: You are inadequate. That's why you need the Lord. Let go of yourself. Not the easiest thing to do, but if you do it,, what greater gift than bring family eternal life. You are going to change people's lives. Stop thinking this is hard. Think of lives you will change. Stop thinking of self.

Sister Chu: You'll never understand what I feel when you guys speak Chinese. Please SYL. I am a convert. Missionaries taught me the gospel. I wish I had Chinese experience.

Brother Hodges (The Power to Change)

We know we need to do all these things, but how are we going to change. Through the Atonement. One gift=Agency. You have a decision to choose to let Lord change you, or you can forget. Not going to be easy. Satan tries to make you have doubt. Satan wants to use your time. Fear can replace faith if you let it.

Old missionaries don't know you. Next Wednesday will be a new opportunity. Companions let each other change. In companion planning talk and decide to change. Take it to pray then come and discuss with teachers. Build up relationships.

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