Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MTC Devotional: Missionaries Acting Differently

Brother and Sister Jose A. Teixeira of the Seventy

MTC Provo

10 February 2009

Sister Teixeira: Even photos you take show what kind of mission you serve. Start your mission right. If you don't know how to speak, start with a smile.

Elder Teixeira: There is a price to pay. A mission is a special thing. It is difficult but worthwhile. You need to be spiritually mature and persuasive missionary.

Set apart to think different and act different. When two men are exactly alike, one is not necessary. Purpose as a mission common with your companion is goals and vision.

Focus on common ground with companion follow with exactness.

Message must be taught by divine power.

Exercise faith as you go along.

Lord will always fulfill his promises.

If you lower your expectations. Excessiveness lowers desire lowers ability to follow Spirit.

If you raise expectations your excessiveness raises your desire raises greater ability to follow the Spirit.

You need to set higher goals. Give all we have.

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