Saturday, February 14, 2009

Missionary Friend Letter: Mission Goes By Quick

14 February 2009


When did you move to South Carolina? Hope you're liking it! I was so excited and surprised to hear about your mission call. I don't remember you saying you were for sure going to serve but of course I'm excited that you are going to serve! I saw a picture of Taipei in an Ensign article and it was so beautiful! Definitely jealous! So I'm sitting in sacrament meeting right now, and there are two missionaries giving farewell speeches. It's funny to see missionaries leaving when you have 3 months left on your mission. I know you hear this a lot but it's true that a mission goes by so quick! You won't love every minute of it because there are hard days when you wonder why you decided to go on a mission or you question what you are doing. One of my comps and I concluded that the difficult part of any mission is the best kept secret. But, the good far outweighs the bad. Sure, it's hard but as cliche as it sounds, it's the best thing I have ever decided to do. I know you'll be a great missionary because you have a hard-work ethic and study habits. You love and serve people. Those will benefit you a lot!

(Sister Muse takes a step off the soapbox) I'm glad you told me about Amanda because I think about her and wonder how she is. I email her my weekly email I send out so I don't know if she gets them. Tell her I say hi when you talk to her. My favorite missionary scripture is Alma 26:36. This is how Alma (I think) feels about missionary work. I feel exactly the same way. One of the blessings from my mission is that I'm happy a lot more. I smile more. I feel good and confident about myself. (I also love Moroni!) We have a guy we're teaching in the singles' ward, and he is so golden! He already reads the BOM and already finds answers within the BOM! He sees the difference the gospel has made in his life. He sees himself and others in a whole different way. That's a testimony to me this work and the gospel is rock solid true!

Thank you for being a great friend to me. I remember you helped me to meet people when I first got there. I appreciate that! We had some good memories, and a lot of them I still remember Sunday dinners and Karaoke are my favorite memories of BYU-I! I love yiou and I will continue to write you! Have fun!

Sister Muse

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