Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Missionary Letter: Amazing Teachers

Sweet, I'm glad a couple of you wrote back, I remembered something I wanted to mention so I'm going to do that in my last 6 minutes. This week we went to the TA teaching place on Saturday morning. It was our second time teaching. We do fifteen minutes in Chinese and then the rest in English for the first 4 weeks. So this was week two. The Chinese was better than last week...WELL...our teacher Han Laoshi is a strict and harsh guy. He's not good at compliments and is VERY good at calling people to repentance. This week he watched Sun Jiemei and I teach...and he gave us a HUGE thumbs up when we finished. We thought he was like kidding. Well later, we actually found out he was BLOWN away by our teaching. We had used tons of scriptures and actually taught no new principles because we were busy explaining the old ones in the scenario. He told us that was the best teaching he had ever seen at the MTC in his entire life...and Han Laoshi is not a joking or over complimentary type of guy, if he said that, he was serious. So yeah, Sister Ackerson and I are killer in English. We now get to do the 2nd lesson twice in English before we have to start teaching Chinese lessons...Then YIKES...who knows.

Until Next Week,

Fu Jiemei.

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