Sunday, February 8, 2009

MTC Devotional: Come Unto Christ

Richard I. Heaton (Provo MTC Administrative Director)

MTC Provo

8 February 2009

What we do as missionaries should help others to come to Christ.

No other sentence was given as much attention as Come to Christ.
  • If you understand this phrase it will change your life and attitude.
  • Will affect your role as Fathers and Mothers. It has that kind of impact.
People face so many obstacles to come on a mission. So many sacrifices, because the gospel is worth it. (See Jacob 3:2)

What does it feel like to come unto Christ?

  • Savior heals more importantly he will heal us emotionally if we lean on him.
  • Feast on the love of the Lord.
  • Moroni 10:30-32.
Invite with great passion.

Be perfected in Christ.

Look to the people you are teaching with Christ in the distance, lead them to Christ.

People can make progress towards Christ, but they can only be saved through the ordinances of the restored gospel. Moroni 10: 3-5.

Crucial to invite them to pray about Christ. JC is savior of the world.

Inviting people to make commitments is inviting them to repent.

We want them to have an internal change of heart.


  • baptism and receiving Holy Ghost not complete ordinance without both. 3 Nephi 19:9-13 pray for most desire, desired the Holy Ghost vs. 11-18 Why didn't want Holy Gost.
People will want to be baptized. Help them endure to the end.

Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet 13

ETTE=lifelong commitment

We are servants of the Lord.

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