Monday, January 26, 2009

Friend Letter: How's Your Companion


Sorry, it has taken me a little to get this letter off to you. School has been like an avalanche. I have a quiz and two tests this week, a test next week, and a test the week after that. But so much has happened that I have to tell you! I took your advice, and Friday I told Matty that I was ready. So things are going along quite well for us so far I think! So there, I kept you informed! haha

Anywhoo...How's the MTC? I'm sorry that I couldn't get there to see you go in, even though I guess it would have technically been breaking the rules. Do you like the classes that you're taking and stuff like that? How's your companion situation? Is she someone that you can at least tolerate? Seriously you have to tell me all about it! I miss you, and hope that you are enjoying it. I know it's probably difficult but I'm sure things will get easier and at least you know that you have the Lord with you and that you are about his business. That has to be a great thing to know 100% that you are where the Lord wants you to be and that you're doing the things that he wants you to do! Well dear, I suppose I should get going but know that I miss you and pray for you.


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