Friday, January 30, 2009

Parent Letter: Help Other Missionaries with Language

Missionary Name: Sister Flora Bruno
Mission: Provo MTC
Date Submitted: January 30

Fu jiemei:

Greetings from your father. I will try to get your mother to send your contacts, dress, and grammar book.

I am sorry about the strictness of your teacher and feel he should have not shamed you in front of your colleagues. He apparently needs a lesson in Chinese and Asian culture. Since most of your dresses down below your knees I don't see what the big deal is.

They should stress that all dresses should be ankle length if that is their standard. I don't see how you can ride a bike with such a dress on even if it has slits. Unfortunately except for a couple of stores in Orem like missionary emporium etc. there aren't many places outside of Utah to get clothes. I will have to work on your mother to make you a few jumpers or skirts that are a bit longer. It might take a few weeks. She is slow at mailing stuff you know. When we lived in Saudi Arabia she never sent any packages because she was too lazy to walk in the heat to the post office. I was even lazier since I never liked walking anywhere. So Gen and Gianina didn't even get Christmas packages from us. If you can send something through Dear Elder etc. then it is a different story. Right now I am totally broke after spending $2000 for the stuff you even have. I can barely cover the house payment. You should have been better informed and he should have talked to you in private. You will just have to make due for now with what you have.

As to relearning it never hurts to have review or repetition. I think it is good you are helping your companion and others to learn the language. I know you are anxious to teach but as the time progresses you will be challenged particularly learning verbs. For now you should try to help the other elders and sisters.

You should try to take pictures of all of these people you encounter so you will remember them when you are older. Also keep the letters and email coming as they are a record for you later. I found my mission stuff in my parents' dresser when they died. It is all I have left other than my memories which are dimming with age. I set you up with a Dear Elder site and a MissionSite.Net account. I have been updating your Blogspot blog. I suggest you get some of your companions to do the same. Have their parents set up a Blogspot blog. A group of sister who recently went to the Italy Rome Mission did that and they share a few pictures and give different perspectives of the same experience.

I could use a few more pictures so see if you can upload one or two every time you email. There is no restriction on that as most elders and sisters send home pictures in their emails.

I also need your favorite scripture for the Dear Elder site. I listed your most missed food as flaming hot Cheetos. Make sure to tell things you want to remember and to give your impressions of talks and things you learn. Your first two letters were really insightful about SYL etc.

I had a fun time in Denmark and Sweden. Malmo was a very picturesque place to visit. Most Swedes speak English so I got along fairly easily. I don't think I will get the job but I had a good time for four days visiting Scandinavia. Everyone walks or rides bikes. The bikes weren't ten speeds but single speed bikes.

Take Care.

Your Father, Dr. B.

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