Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friend Letter: Seize the Day


Sister Bruno-

Ni hao

Well, helloooo my friend! How are you! It sounds like you are doing well from your last letter. I hope you got that address. I sent it through Let me know if you didn't get it and I can resend it. By the way, I hope you won't be mad at me but I umm...well remember when I told you to delete all of our chats and that I would resend them to you when you got back?..well you remember how I'm always like 'seize the day' 'carpe diem'...well um..hah.promise not to be mad? Haha jk. However, you should always 'seize the day' on your mission. Whenever you are afraid of doing something and you will be (not that it is bad--I was too at first, as well as every other missionary I knew) just remember to seize the day. Remember that the answer will always be 'no' unless you ask!

How is the language going? I bet you are learning lots and helping others. Remember don't let it go to your head! I have two exams coming up this week. (Accounting 210 and Church History 1805-1844) I did a lot of homework yesterday and today (Saturday) as well as studying so hopefully this week will not be too bad. I'm actually kind of excited to see if I'm doing as well as I thought. So every other Thursdays I have been going to the temple. It's kind of like my Temple Thursday thing to help boost my spirituality. I realized I haven't been going as often as I should be so I am repenting. Remember, repent often.

My ward clerk calling has been going well. We have a audit coming up next month. I pretty much have everything in order. I'm excited to that and get it over with! He he. Now that tithing settlement is over, once I complete the audit I'll have basic things to do the rest of the semester.

So you probably have already heard about Felicia and I but just so you can't say that I didn't tell you, Felicia and I are officially going out now. It's been such a relief to finally have all of that sorted out. It was really consuming being in the limbo stage with her. Te he he

I finally decided that this summer I'm going to be a conference assistant in the dorms and take a class each semester. They only let the CAs take 4 credits and the classes have to be between 1pm-4pm. I also put my resident assistant application in for the next year. It should be exciting to see how all that turns out. When I finally decided with these plans I felt a great amount of peace...which I hadn't felt in a while since I've been worrying about all of these things. I think it was peace from response to prayer.

Well, I hope you enjoy this package. I miss you lots! Keep working hard. I am sure you are familiar with a lot of the MTC resources now. My favorite things were service and teaching appointments. Although, during one teaching appointment I remember getting really frustrated and sad so I ended up crying like hardcore. I felt so stupid. I had to let my companion teach the ENTIRE lesson. Haha! Spanish just wasn't coming for me at the time. It was a very humbling experience but the Lord can do mighty miracles when we are humble. You must be brought down before everything! I look forward to hearing from you.

Later gator,


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