Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friend Letter: Back at BYU-Idaho

Sister Bruno,

I was way excited to get your postcard. Oh how the tables have turned. It's kind of different now that I'm here in Rexburg and you are at the MTC. I hope you're making the best of it. I am really having a good time here at school. I never would of thought I could have so much fun. My classes are going pretty well. I probably won't end up with a 4.0 that I wanted, but I'm still learning a bunch. I haven't decided what my major is going to be. I'm thinking either business or communication. This semester I'm taking an intro to communication and next semester I will probably take an intro to business. Between the two I'll pretty much have my major and minor picked out by the end of the next semester. It's too bad Alan is getting married in April so he's moving out but Jared will still be here. My roommate James is way cool too, he's from California and served his mission in Lubbock. He may end up staying, but I'll switch rooms and take Alan's old bed. They say that bed has been handed down for a few generations to guys that ended up getting engaged. The guy who slept in it before Alan got engaged, and now Alan is engaged. The way things are going between Desiree and me, I just may keep that tradition alive. yeah, we have been getting along really well. I even talked to her parents and they seemed to like me. I did end up talking to her about the possibility that she could serve a mission when she turns 21 this fall, but that doesn't seem likely. She is great and has a strong testimony of the gospel. How is your Chinese coming? I bet you're further along than all those other sisters. But don't get discouraged if it's not as good as you want. I would get easily discouraged, but that's just a lack of faith. So, fight the good fight, and finish your course. Thanks again for the postcard.



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