Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friend Letter: Miracles Await You If You Ask In Faith

March 22, 2009

Greetings Sister Bruno,

It sounds like you are learning a lot and making strides in the language. I finally started having Gigi forward your weekly emails. I have received the last 2 or three. It doesn't sound like you enjoy the MTC very much. I LOVED the MTC. I had many sweet experiences there. It got a little wearisome there but looking back on those memories as I walk by the MTC on occasion only brings back the best of feelings. Enjoy that wonderful place while you can. It is probably the closest community to Zion in the entire world. At anytime there are thousands of missionaries there ALL engaged in furthering the same cause. You have all things in common, meaning that each man and woman receives according to their just wants and needs. You are all striving to live the gospel principles. You all even live within the same acre. It's a pretty sweet place.

Many miracles await you if you ask in faith. I know that you will have many precious moments you will remember forever. I know you are keeping a journal. Keep that up! I kept a journal. I only wish I had written in it more often.

So, funny story...I SAW YOU AT THE TEMPLE!

I went to the temple before classes like two weeks ago. It was on a Monday. I had been doing sealings and had to leave to get back for breakfast and class. As I was exiting, I passed by the clothing rental and beheld two sister missionaries. One of them looked very much like YOU. It was just around 8:30. I paused not knowing whether to say hi or not. I just stared at you and was confident it really was you. It was fun to see Sister Bruno. Obviously, you know that I didn't say hi. My initial reaction was just to leave you be. Looking back I wish I would have said hello. I knew you had preparation days on Monday but it never crossed my mind when I made plans to go on Monday morning. I guess, I also didn't realize that missionaries that had their preparation day on Monday would have to go while it was open 7am-10am I'm glad you are doing well. You looked like a stellar missionary.

My classes are going very well. I have about a month left of classes and then I'll be in Houston for the summer to work. I'm trying to find a job. I'm guessing it isn't going to be easy because of our recent economy.

Thanks for the pictures. I was bragging to Felicia. It sounds like I might have gotten you in trouble with her for not sending pictures to her. Hehe Please don't hold that against me. I like pictures.

Please stay safe and let me know how you are doing. I look forward to future communications with you.

Your buddy,


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