Sunday, March 22, 2009

MTC Fireside: Effective Prayer

Stephen B. Allen and Mary Allen

MTC Provo

22 March 2009


Prays for husband when speaking like we should pray for our companion.


Expectation is a belief or mental picture about something.

When you throw off expectations you may feel uneasy.

When what we believe and do are same we have peace and harmony.

When feeling distress, you will probably find something in expectations off harmony.

When you have discord with someone, it is because you lack understanding and have unmatched expectations.

Lord gives you companions, but when you pray, don't be separated from companion. When you close your eyes you are alone.

Lord expects us to give EVERYTHING we have heart, might, mind and strength. He expects us to be EXHAUSTED at the end of the night.

Write in a journal.

What do I expect of the Savior? What does he expect of me?

Need obedience to get the Spirit. Without the Spirit you won't accomplish anything.

Eliminate no, won't, can't from your vocabulary concerning God.

The weakest companion skill is probably listening. Listening complicated because we must learn to listen with heart and ears.
  • Focus on listening to the Holy Ghost.
  • Focus on listening to investigators
Mission is not to think it is all up to you.

You didn't perform the atonement. Listen to the investigator and the Spirit or get lost.

Alma 22 missionary dialogue

Practice finding out what people think.

We are led by prophet, we felt the witness.

Go into the world with smile on your face.

Don't be nervous about preaching the message. The message will come.

Think and pray about focusing on investigators and what you could do that God wants you to do.

God wants you to succeed more than anyone.

We war against unseen things.

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