Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MTC Scripture Study: Why Doesn't God Just Forgive If Loving

Alma 42:25 God has to be 100% dependable, expect 100% justice

2 Nephi 2:24 strive for perfection, need to strive for perfection. Comes down to mercy and justice.

Alma 42:19-21 needs to be law, every law has blessings and punishments.

Jacob 5:41 vineyard Lord wept.

Alma 42:23 mercy comes because of atonement.

2 Nephi 2:7 sacrifice for law Jesus Christ. We broke the law, so spiritual death had no influence. Jesus Christ broke no law redeemed for that.

Alma 42:14-15 mankind fallen

Whey seem like God gives contradictory command to Adam and Eve
  • don't take fruit, multiple and replenish the earth
  • naked--exposed to justice
  • Jesus gives coats of skins covers them. Animals sacrificed to cover them. Savior sacrificed to cover them.
This is God's plan. Jesus Christ ordained from beginning. Fall just as important as anything.

Think of things symbolically "aprons" etc.

What a square means? Raise arm to square.

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