Sunday, March 29, 2009

MTC Mission Conference

MTC Provo

29 March 2009

Pamela Craig: Diligence is a Christlike attribute. Don't run faster than you have strength. The secret to missionary work is work. D&C 75 2-5 When you think we have done all we can, do a little more.

Laurie B. Craig: Need to boldly ask people to commit and repent. Commitments are the threads from which covenants are woven (Kenneth B. Johnson). Will you promise blessings, bear personal testimony. Be bold and learn early to issue commitments. Bold sisters are so good at following up and so good at commitments. Shy companion became boldest sister in the mission. We all have weaknesses, but if we go to the Lord, He will make us strong.

Miriam Clegg: Missionaries lighten up! If you have the Spirit, everything else will come. Pray hard, work hard, but laugh a lot. Every verse from the Book of Mormon is true, so you can feel the Spirit with every verse. The Spirit is mild and gentle. If you can't feel it very much ask Heavenly Father to turn up the heat and he will. Pray specifically for guidance from the Holy Ghost. Pray you can find people. Create a climate Holy Ghost can witness. Feel and investigators feel. It is hard to knock in Italy so they did mostra (signs and free book displays). Mostra is the full armor of God. On Torino Street Anziano Jones and Smith at mostra board praying someone would come. A Sister Rosala who was very religious saw them and pictures of Christ and accepted Book of Mormon and commitment. She called missionaries back and was baptized to distress of family and friends. Missionaries who go to Torino will know Rosala. PMG p. 156 "Build up church D&C 123:12 Make a personal quest to recognize the Spirit. Don't accept anything less than the real deal.

J. Halvor Clegg: Loved knocking on doors but doesn't recommend. Use better ways. Satan used his agency. We have ours. You fought so hard so people you teach can have agency, reject you, not keep commitments, and sin. Moroni says "that which enticeth to do good and enticeth to do evil. Your job is to do good. See if you will choose happiness. Abraham 3:24-25 Test if we listen to good. D&C 58:26-27 He that is compelled in all things slothful. Enthusiastically engage in happy cause. Don't lose one minute. Agents unto themselves, you will decide what your mission will mean. How you use time determines who you become. Damned means our progress is stopped.

Elizabeth Smith: She is an extremely smart woman with Ph.D. degrees in Philosophy and Theology and European Studies. Christianity told members at baptism: "You members don't know what you have, the world has been in a famine, I've been looking for this my whole life." Book of Mormon can bring joy and hope. Remember converts when tired.

Ralph W. Smith: Dress can draw attention away from nametag.

To understand the language of the Spirit:
  1. Be humble and submissive.
  2. Ask in faith, believing you will receive.
  3. Be worthy.
  4. Seek peace and clarity of mind and listen.
  5. Be patient and accept the Lord's timetable.
  6. Prayers are answered in the Lord's way.
  7. Eliminate contention.
  8. Show gratitude to God for his gifts.
  9. Search the scriptures for answers. (Moroni 10:3-5)
  10. Be obedient and follow the promptings.

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