Sunday, March 29, 2009

MTC Fireside: All Called to Baptize

Robert P. Swenson (Director of Missionary Services)

MTC Provo

29 March 2009

Some people will feel things they weren't expecting to hear. Take notes of feelings because they will have feelings they can use the rest of lives.

Why are you here as a missionary at the MTC? Purpose PGM p. 1

Invite people, ask not hope.

Get started here and now.

Everyone who isn't you is others.

Don't preselect who don't go to.

Gospel of Jesus Christ Restored. You are here to learn restored gospel so you can help others receive restored gospel through faith in his atonement. Only a few people know what atonement is/does/means.

Here at MTC for you learning what you need to teach. For you to learn what the atonement means to you. Make the atonement personal. Atonement freedom from physical death. Alma 7:11-13; 2 Nephi 31:10-11, 13,15,19,21.

You can't adequately repent if you have not repented.

Don't think you are not sent to baptize. All are called to baptize, even if not doing the baptisms. Try a time or two to extend baptism in first couple of minutes of contact.

Take upon you the name of Jesus Christ with nametag. D&C 20:37

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