Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Parent Letter: First Day MTC

Missionary Name: Sister Flora Bruno
Mission: Provo MTC
Date Submitted: January 21

Dear Flora,

I hope you are doing well and your first day in the MTC was fabulous. Did you get there on time? Did Annika cry when you left her? Hehe.

Well right now I am on Facebook and I saw that Matthew Moses was on, so I messaged him and said, "do you miss Flora?" and he said, "I am on Dear right now writing to her!" So I thought I would do the same. I'm sure you will get lots of letters, cuz he will probably write you every day. Hope you can keep your mind on the work! j/k.

Let's see, the news from me: I spent the whole day online as usual, picked Desi up at 12 (and was a little late, she yelled at me) and we went running at the Y. Came home, got online, picked up Michael at 4 (was a little late, he yelled at me) and took him to track. The kids went to Mutual this evening. We even fed them all dinner before they left. They are just getting home now. So that was my exciting day!!

Tomorrow my plans are to finish your skirt and jumper and send them. If not tomorrow, then definitely by the weekend. Because Saturday I plan to really clean the house now that you are gone. I will stow all your things away and put the junk in the garage places. Should be interesting. Dad just found out you got new scriptures. He is downstairs yelling. lol.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I watched the inauguration of Barack Obama yesterday. That was very inspiring. You didn't watch it, did you? I loved the music, the poetry reading, the singing, and especially his speech. An historic moment.

So that is all that is happening here. I will write you again later and tell you all the scintillating news from the Bruno household.



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