Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sibling Letter: Love the Missionaries in MTC

Dear Sister Bruno,

So, I am going to write you, but I do not want you to correct or judge me for my spelling and grammar, so by now you are probably adjusting to your schedule. Dani told me that your companion refuses to speak English and that she dated this Landon kid in our ward, that made me laugh, so I guess she is intense hahahaha, how annoying...just joking I am sure that you love her. I am sure that God gave you her for a reason. Don't forget to love the Elders and help them and be their friend because they will be your leaders on the mission, your future district leaders, zone leaders and assistants. It is strange when I look back man, my district grew so much just in the MTC and you get a whole extra month of no bake cheesecake. I am going to buy some and have it tomorrow to celebrate. I am looking forward to getting email and p-day. I hope your teachers are awesome, but well they all are so...Things are good here. Matt tells me he loves accounting, but no word on the Felicia front. My life is still boring and uneventful. I started volunteering for this thing called Project Read, I am going to teachy a illiterate adult how to read. I am excited. Today we will go to a baptism of a cute Korean girl, I will send you a picture once I get your email address and tell you all about it.

Ti Voglio Bene

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