Sunday, March 15, 2009

MTC Sacrament: Learning to Sing and Getting Along with Companions

Dick Beeson (Executive Secretary to MTC President) and Gaye Beeson

MTC Provo

15 March 2009

Gaye Beeson

By continued effort you can learn to sing.

You may rob yourselves of a power by not learning to sing.

D&C 76:12

2 Nephi 4:16-35

Psalms 143:1

Memorize a couple of favorite hyms.

D&C 33:10

Invite others to come and repent and be baptized.

Moroni 10:5 I know my Father lives

Ephesians 6:11

1 Timothy 4:7 enlist in the army

We will be more strong with a good song.

Dick Beeson

Anything we do as companions that brings us together is of the Lord. Anything that keeps us apart is of Satan.

Don't mock or make fun of companions.

Alma 5:30-31

Most arguments are doubtful disputations.

Don't give companion the silent treatment.

Your companions are just as important as any investigators.

Romans 14:10

Never talk negatively about companion, be faithful to companion.

You are really learning how to get married.

D&C 88:133

Stop whining.

Best thing you can do for companion is to deny yourselves of ungodliness.

Pray in faith for your companion with real intent to do something.

Hebrews 12:1-2

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