Thursday, April 9, 2009

Missionary Letter: Taiwanese Food and Definition of Doing a Dan Jones



How are you? Greetings from Taipei. I've now eaten 2 airplane Chinese food and 2 meals here. It's a lot different. I get extremely thirsty, but it's also really good. I'll just have to carry a water bottle around.

The mission president and his wife are really sweet and kind. We had a little introduction yesterday., then we ate this amazing egg and breaded thing with green onions. I hear most people come home lactose intolerant. I'm really nervous about that because I love dairy. But they don't have much here. Lots of grease though. The reason they stay thin though is they don't have many deserts and also they exercise a lot. So yeah, I'll eat at street vendors every day almost from what I hear. It should be interesting, lots of grease. Yum. But seriously, food is so much better than American food. Unique and flavorful. But I will miss a lot of American foods. I brought 2 bags of Hot Cheetos with me. Hahahaha.

I haven't met my companion yet. We will tomorrow. They are going to make us do a "Dan Jones" tonight. Bear testimony on a crate. Ahhh. Should be interesting. Okay, write more later.

Fu jeimei

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