Monday, April 6, 2009

Missionary Email: Whaaa

Monday, April 6, 2009 7:20 PM

Okay, so I asked questions and they never get answered, what is the deal with that? You know, I asked the temple question twice, and finally Matthew Moses ended up being the person who answered my question since gigi forwards him my emails.

I'll check my email again tonight if anyone wants to write me, and i'll call tomorrow, but yeah the Kaohsiung Elders are leaving in 20 minutes so I need to go see them off. Plus I wrote an individual email to dad that I had to, so sorry everyone, but answer my questions! Oh and good news, my suitcases are 50 and 51 lbs. I'm hoping they will just allow me the 1 lb, but if not i'll just WEAR MORE ITEMS. I'm already wearing both my coats on the plane. Hahaha. Latah.

Oh and sorry to Matt and Felicia because I was going to write them but I never had time with being sick and doctor appointments and other crazy stuff on P-days, i'll splurge and write them a letter all the way from Taiwan. Or if i have time i'll send them an email and have you people forward it to them next week. So they'll hear from me in the next couple weeks. Or maybe if i have time tonight since i'm finished packing, but it's not a high probability

Fu jiemei

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