Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Missionary Friend Letter: Finish Happy On Your Mission

February 3rd 2009

Sister Bruno (LOL)

I hope all is going well in the MTC. I think its been about one week since I sent you a letter. I remember getting letters in the MTC and being glad I got them, but also I was thinking to myself I'm not even in the field! Maybe these will make a difference to you though!

The other day we had interviews (yesterday actually). It went alright. Me and the Prez-man came to a good common ground. He wants me to finish happy and I want to finish. We had gotten into a bit of an argument over the phone and so it was a good end.

My family got my flight plans the other day. I get home April 9th 2009 at 2:13 pm. I give my talk on the Resurrection April 12th (Easter). They also got a letter that all the parents of missionaries get explaining why (mom and dad) should not make us trunky because we are the most effective now.

I've been trunky day 1. I've just learned to live with it recently and still function as a missionary or even a human being for that matter. Prez. Munday said "it's ok to be trunky so long as it motivates you to work." Remember that.

I think I'm going to Cy-Fair College when I get back. Cy-Fair is the way the heck and there, but I've been there before and it's nice. I'm going to have to take the THEA(Pre-Texas-College Test) I'm nervous. I had to get into school as fast as I can. I'll pretty much be going a bazillion miles an hour when I get back. I've got 65 days to get myself ready.

Enough about me though, what's up with you? How's life? I hope all is well. Send me some MTC pictures! Your comp and others in your district! Who knows, maybe there is a cuties. I'd wait for.

One more interesting thing the chapel back homes has severe water and termite damage so I'm going to have to give my homecoming talk in the cultural hall.

Miss ya much,

Elder S.

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