Monday, February 2, 2009

Parent Letter: Wow I actually wrote!‏

Mon 2/02/09 8:24 AM

Hello Flora,

I am sorry I suck at being a mother and a letter writer. but I hope at least this email is going out before you check it today. Nothing much happens around here, as you know, so it is hard to think of anything to write. We finally found your mission call so I am sending out the package today.

Dad had a fun trip to Denmark and Sweden and was gone 4 days last week. We ate pretty good while he was gone, I actually made dinner every night. AMAZING!! And we didn't eat pizza or junk. Franny decided to make a new kitchen schedule for us because the old one wasn't working. Now instead of having a night, we each have a job like dishes, floor, counters, etc. Tonight will be our first night trying it, so we will see how it works.

Genevieve is busy trying to organize our genealogy. She is trying to think of a system so we can systematically do the ordinances and work together on it. Right now it's hard because the new system is not up in Provo. So they all have to sign in under my name, and you can't tell who is working on what. Hopefully she can figure something out. Michael, Franny and Desi went on a youth temple trip Friday and did 11 male names and 7 female names from our line. So they had a good time.

I hope you are having fun at the MTC. I really loved my time there. It was probably the most spiritual time of my life. I loved the singing and the huge groups of missionaries all singing in different languages. I loved everything about the MTC actually. Can't wait to hear from you today.

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