Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friend Letter: Sending Hot Cheetos and Rainbow Chip Frosting


Sister Bruno!-

How's the MTC? Are you getting the hang of the language and all that jazz!? Things here are pretty much the same as when I last wrote you. Did you get that by the way? The other day Matty and I were sitting down to lunch and he was writing you a letter on Dear Elder and he mentioned sending you a package through them but in the end we decided to do it this way so we could fill it with some of your favorite things. Although when it came down to it the only things we knew you would for sure want were Hot Cheetos and Rainbow Chip Frosting. We did our best though and we hope that you enjoy it! We love you!

School is going OK. I had two tests this last Friday. One of which I'm sure I did hideously on. It was an essay test and they wanted us to discuss four civilizations in depth in an hour long story short I ran out of time! I'm thinking about changing my major. I have exams this semester that all come at the same time. That's pretty much about it for this kid.

Flora, I know the Lord is with you in this time of your life. You really are where He wants you to be. I keep you in my prayers. I love ya!


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